San Diego Chargers jerseys

San Diego Chargers jerseys

The San Diego chargers were an original member of the upstart American football league (AFL). The name chargers was so synonymous with a number of things. It was because of the cheers from the fans yelling charge. It was also because of their owner Barron Hilton owned a credit card company which simply worked by charging it. The AFL was looking for identity and chargers gave it to them. In 1960, the San Diego Chargers became a franchise, at the same time they made NFL uniform history. The Chargers uniform worn from 1960-1973 is considered one of the best ever. They came up with the most dynamic looking uniform of all time. It was just a brilliant choice, it spoke of a new America. I mean sky blue, perfect sky blue symbolizes the perfect days in San Diego. The Chargers wore a sky blue jersey with yellow lightning bolts on the sleeves. The helmet was white and also had the lightning bolts along with the players' number. This uniform design was pair up with yellow pants later in the decade.

Southern California style defined the San Diego look and their actions. The style and play of the chargers was like that of a lightning bolt. Bright colors, flamboyant football. They embodied the west coast of America. The use of lightning on the side of their pants was such a simple but bright ideas. In the mid 1970's the powder blue and gold shifted to navy blue and gold ad stayed that way until the end of the century. The Chargers went with this design until 1985 when the switched to an even darker blue. The numbers stayed yellow. In 1988 the Chargers went to an ever darker blue and changed the uniform numbers to white. In 2003 the chargers spotted all navy for a single game. Shortly after they redesigned their outfit color scheme and brought back the fans favorite powder blue.

Powder blue remains one of the distinct looks in professional football history. Blue and gold. They are not just colors. They are energy.

The Chargers have retired only one jersey: #14 Dan Fouts.

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