Australia: Explore Its Cuisine and Offbeat Destinations

Australia is a dream paradise for people who want to experience languishing luxury coupled with adventurous beats. The country is a curious mix of rocky uneven terrain and beautiful beaches where the aboriginal custodians meet with tall, steel buildings and their settlers from new lands. Of course, such a place is bound to attract people looking for something familiar and yet different. To cater to them and more, there are plenty of vacation rentals in Australia where one can unload their bags and relax before going exploring. While there are a lot of offbeat destinations to explore, there are also plenty or authentic cuisines to enjoy after a day of adventure. So how about we explore both sides of the land: the land of adventure and the land of cuisine:

Authentic Australian Cuisine/Foods:

Anzac biscuits

It isn’t just authentic Australian, but it also comes with a rich history of its own. These crunchy biscuits were made by wives of years past for soldiers from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who participated in World was 1. Thus, associated with Anzac day (April 25th), these biscuits were made up of flour, sugar, rolled oats, desiccated coconut, butter, golden syrup and bicarbonate of soda and water, which would make the food last for a long time on the boat journeys. Want to have a taste? Then knock on the door of your nearby bakery.

Emu meat

The meat of this Australian native is slowly making its way into popular international cuisine. Its meat has a higher iron content than that of beef and additionally, it is also low in cholesterol and almost fat-free. This animal is mostly smoked and then served cold but it also tastes delicious when used as a pizza topping. But if you want to go, gourmet, then tasting a pie made up of emu meat, red wine, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, black pepper, and onion will work well with a crispy pastry crust.


In the days of old, this cheap Australian food was a staple food for the bushes and road workers. The damper was made from a simple recipe of flour mixed in with water and a pinch of salt. This soda bread was then baked in the coals of a campfire set up. It would then be had with something with rum or billy tea. But of course, nowadays it is made with self-raising flour and milk is added in as well for more taste. You can get it from most bakeries.


Mostly found at school fairs and fundraisers, Lamington is generally referred to as the national cake of Australia. This opinion is actually pretty widespread because the national trust of Queensland even named lamington as one of the favourite icons of Australia. You can find it in cafes all over, coated with a layer of chocolate icing with desiccated coconuts sprinkled on top. Or perhaps you may get it in two halves with a layer of jam or cream coating the middle.

Now that we have discussed some food you can try out, how about heading off to some offbeat adventure after trying out some of these? Here are some offbeat destinations you can experience in Australia:

Daintree Rainforest

If you love to wander off the trodden path then this place and its surprises will be perfect for you. Located in Cairns, North of Australia, this place is reputed as being the gateway for the great barrier reef. In the rainforest, you will be greeted by the cassowary, a bird which is unique to this area. Bring on your friends and perhaps a camper van to set a camp in here in the unspoiled, less crowded areas.

Windjana Gorge

If camping is on your mind then there is no better place than this to just watch the freshwater crocodiles in the wild and chill out with a beer as you watch the sunset from your cozy camp near the gorge walls. Located in the Kimberly region, very few tourists actually spend the night here, but if you do then you should head out early the next morning with a camera to snap some great pictures of crocodiles coming out of the water to sunbathe.


Known for its beautiful wilderness areas to explore, this place is the dreamland to go hiking and get lost in various areas. But there’s nothing to worry as you will still get to enjoy some of the best fresh produce found in Australia along the way. So pack up and head out!

Nitmiluk National Park

Camping will be peaceful herein since the camping ground provides basic facilities but is rarely full so you can enjoy a relatively peaceful time amongst nature. Located in the northern territory, the park is home to cute wallabies. You can spend your days exploring savannahs, waterfalls, gorges, and bushlands. There’s also talk that the freshwater crocodiles in here don’t bite so if you have the gall then you can give swimming with them a try. Pro tip: It’s better if you don’t take such risks.

Newcastle and Hunter Valley

A great surfing destination, combined with an amazing dining experience, this destination is the gateway to fantastic explorations like wine tasting and dune buggy rides. But there’s more for you to enjoy if you want to just spend a bit of time admiring Mother Nature’s bounty- there’s whale watching to be done at the Port Stephens aquatic playground.

Australia has a lot to offer, but only if you are willing to take the path not taken. The best way to experience Australia is not through tours but through your car or van which should be taken out on a road trip.

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